Bernie Sanders tries to pull his foot out of his mouth: What I’m reading, March 8, 2016 (updated)

Updated for primary election results and the FBI still being, well, the FBI.

There were additions to yesterday’s newsletter, but I forgot to update the publication time, so a notice didn’t go out.

CNN is projecting that Ted Cruz will win Idaho. Hawaii results are still outstanding.

Bernie Sanders

Danny Freeman, “Bernie Sanders Attempts to Clarify ‘Ghetto’ Comment,” NBC News, March 7, 2016,

Learning Management Systems

Michael Feldstein, “What’s Really to Blame for the Failures of Our Learning-Management Systems,” Chronicle of Higher Education, March 8, 2016,

Donald Trump

The establishment is digging up the dirt on Donald Trump and the mainstream media, being controlled by those same functionalist conservatives, are putting it out. We’ll see what happens when they turn their attention to Hillary Clinton.

Corinne Ruff, “‘Trump U.’ Draws Unflattering Spotlight to the Candidate as Fraud Cases Move Forward,” Chronicle of Higher Education, March 3, 2016,

S. A. Miller, “Trump stiffed casino builders as he spent $1 million per week on personal expenses,” Washington Times, March 7, 2016,

Julia Preston, “More Latinos Seek Citizenship to Vote Against Trump,” New York Times, March 7, 2016,

Jesse Byrnes, “Better Business Bureau: Trump University had D-minus rating in final year,” Hill, March 8, 2016,

Alex Isenstadt, “Worried GOP scrambles to adjust odds against Trump,” Politico, March 8, 2016,

Control of Congress

The Hill is out with an attention-grabbing headline, but the short answer is, no, the Senate is much more likely to change control than the House, and I’m so convinced the Democrats are losers, I’m skeptical even about that.

Scott Wong, “Could Trump nomination put House up for grabs?” Hill, March 8, 2016,


Melody Petersen, “Deadly superbugs from hospitals get stronger in the sewers and could end up in the Pacific Ocean,” Los Angeles Times, March 7, 2016,

The Drought

Robinson Meyer, “Is El Niño Finally Ending California’s Drought?” Atlantic, March 7, 2016,

Marco Rubio

This seems a bit odd to me. Rubio is allegedly the establishment favorite to stop Donald Trump, but I don’t see John Kasich coming under anywhere near this much pressure to withdraw. They might be resigning themselves to Ted Cruz, in which case, we can very strongly suspect that they’ll resign themselves to Donald Trump when the time comes.

Ed O’Keefe, Robert Costa, and Paul Kane, “Some supporters of Rubio say bad strategy, poorly run campaign killing his chances,” Washington Post, March 6, 2016,

Melissa Click

So I’m a conservative now because I don’t agree with Melissa Click and do agree with the university’s decision to fire her ass? That’s sure an interesting criterion for conservatism. And the American Association of University Professors ought to be ashamed of itself for claiming “Click’s reinstatement is ‘the only acceptable resolution’” at the same time it is allegedly “opening” an investigation.[1] Suffice it to say, we already know how this “investigation” will turn out.

Rio Fernandes, “Melissa Click Says She Was Scapegoated, as AAUP Opens Investigation,” Chronicle of Higher Education, March 8, 2016,

The Tech Boom

David Streitfeld, “In San Francisco and Rooting for a Tech Comeuppance,” New York Times, March 8, 2016,


Lauren McCauley, “45 Years After COINTELPRO, FBI Still Thinks ‘Dissent is the Enemy,'” Common Dreams, March 8, 2016,

The Horse Race

Dylan Matthews, “2 winners and 3 losers from Tuesday night’s primaries,” Vox, March 8, 2016,

Hillary Clinton

Sarah Wheaton, “Clinton pre-empted by Trump, frustrated in Michigan,” Politico, March 8, 2016,

  1. [1]Rio Fernandes, “Melissa Click Says She Was Scapegoated, as AAUP Opens Investigation,” Chronicle of Higher Education, March 8, 2016,

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