The cost of war in Syria: What I’m reading, March 12, 2016 (updated)

Updated for Hillary Clinton’s apology.


If there was a right thing that could have been done, it wasn’t.

Associated Press, “A look at the cost of 5 years of conflict in Syria,” Minneapolis Star-Tribune, March 12, 2016,

Hillary Clinton

For some, Clinton’s apology for claiming that the Reagans started a national conversation on AIDS is not enough. Thousands of people died while Nancy Reagan focused on her “just say no” campaign against drugs. Meanwhile, bell hooks, who might not be so well known outside academic, literary, and critical theory circles, but is huge within them, has come out in opposition to Clinton.

Amy Chozick, “Hillary Clinton Lauds Reagans on AIDS. A Backlash Erupts,” New York Times, March 11, 2016,

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President Barack Obama is in fantasy land.

Darlene Superville, “In debate over encryption, Obama says ‘dangers are real,'” Minneapolis Star-Tribune, March 12, 2016,

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