Bernie Sanders’ death knell: What I’m reading, March 16, 2016 (updated)

Updated for stories on Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton, and again for a story on Bernie Sanders.

Bernie Sanders

At some point, a candidate needs to stop being optimistic about winning more states in the future, and actually start winning them. But in the campaign thus far, Bernie Sanders has won only a few of the states he “needed” to win. And there’s just no reason short of a Hillary Clinton indictment to believe he’ll do better overall in future primaries.

Charles M. Blow, “A Bernie Blackout?” New York Times, March 16, 2016,

Jon Queally, “Blackout Tuesday: The Bernie Sanders Speech Corporate Media Chose Not To Air,” Common Dreams, March 16, 2016,

The Horse Race

Meanwhile, “[Ted] Cruz . . . will need to win about 80 percent of the remaining GOP delegates to get the 1,237 needed for nomination. [Donald] Trump . . . needs to get only about 60 percent.”[1] Which is both why Trump is the likely Republican nominee and why the establishment hopes to stop him short of that 1,237.

Anita Kumar, “Will Clinton’s embrace of Obama hurt or help in general election?” March 15, 2016,

David Lightman, “Now it’s Donald Trump vs. Ted Cruz for the GOP nomination,” McClatchy, March 15, 2016,

Ian Swanson, “Clinton closes in on Dem crown,” Hill, March 15, 2016,

Donald Trump

Agence France-Presse, “Trump warns of ‘riots’ if GOP witholds White House nod,” Times of Israel, March 16, 2016,

Nancy Benac and Julie Pace, “Trump: GOP leaders should embrace ‘fervor’ for his candidacy,” Minneapolis Star-Tribune, March 16, 2016,

Supreme Court

Dylan Matthews, “Merrick Garland’s probably doomed, strategically interesting nomination, explained,” Vox, March 16, 2016,

Jonathan Turley, “President Obama nominates Merrick Garland,” March 16, 2016,

Liberal Arts

I doubt that Justin Smith’s argument will indeed save the humanities from pernicious neoliberalism, but it suggests a necessary broader and more contextual view which is part of human science.

Justin E. H. Smith, “A Forgotten Field Could Save the Humanities,” Chronicle of Higher Education, March 13, 2016,

Ted Cruz

Burgess Everett and Seung Min Kim, “Ted Cruz’s Senate conundrum,” Politico, March 16, 2016,

Hillary Clinton

Eric Levitz, “Hillary Clinton Spent Most of Her Weekend Alienating Progressive Voters,” New York, March 14, 2016,

  1. [1]David Lightman, “Now it’s Donald Trump vs. Ted Cruz for the GOP nomination,” McClatchy, March 15, 2016,

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