The Senate might flip: What I’m reading, March 20, 2016

U.S. Senate

The possibility that Democrats might win both the presidency and control of the Senate in November raises the stakes considerably for Republicans in their effort to obstruct President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee. I still think Hillary Clinton cannot win,[1] but if anything is clear, establishment Republicans (functionalist conservatives) are not so confident, in part because even if I’m right, the Republican president might well be authoritarian populist Donald Trump, a “wild card”[2] (who also seems to be drawing paleoconservative support).

Lisa Hagen, “Ten Senate seats most likely to flip in 2016 elections,” Hill, March 20, 2016,

Same Sex Marriage

Aximill [pseud.], Pope fires Vatican ambassador to U.S. over Kim Davis,” Daily Kos, March 16, 2016,

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