The ‘fix’ for Hillary Clinton is in: What I’m reading, March 27, 2016

The Horse Race

The pattern I’m perceiving is that Bernie Sanders wins moral victories in states with low delegate counts. Where he wins in states with more delegates, he does so by only a small margin. And even if he manages to further reduce Hillary Clinton’s lead in pledged delegates, the superdelegates are the ‘fix’ for Clinton. And one way or another, this ‘fix’ is what the Democratic Party has been about for the last forty years.

I understand Sanders’ decision to run as a Democrat. This is an institutionalized two-party system; winning the Democratic Party nomination truly did offer him his best shot in a situation where third party or independent runs function as ‘spoilers,’ meaning that Sanders would have split the left vote from the not-quite-so-far right vote, easing the path for a Republican candidate. But the Democratic Party establishment was determined to shut Sanders down.[1] And they have.

That’s one reason I object to voting: Participation legitimizes a system the prevents real change,[2] even the very limited and extremely inadequate change that Sanders promises. And our survival as a species depends on real change.[3]

Associated Press, “Sanders’ win in Hawaii caucuses caps a 3-victory day,” Los Angeles Times, March 27, 2016,


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