Humans probably made it to North America prior to the Bering land bridge:Daily Bullshit, May 13, 2016

Pre-Clovis archaeology

Agata Blaszczak-Boxe, “Underwater Finds Reveal Humans’ Long Presence in North America,” Smithsonian, May 13, 2016,

The Horse Race

Robert Parry, “Neocons and Neolibs: How Dead Ideas Kill,” Common Dreams, May 13, 2016,

Donald Trump

Tom Toles, May 13, 2016, via GoComics, fair use.
Fig. 1. Tom Toles, May 13, 2016, via GoComics, fair use.
I know I’ve been forecasting that Republicans would come out of their convention singing Kumbaya, but that convention, to be held on July 18-21,[1] is still over two months away. Honestly, even I thought this would take longer.

Bridget Bowman and Niels Lesniewski, “Trump’s Charm Offensive Impresses Senate GOP,” Congressional Quarterly Roll Call, May 12, 2016,

Jonathan Swan, “Third-party effort fizzling out,” Hill, May 13, 2016,

Hillary Clinton

Yet more. I think even if Hillary Clinton escapes charges or if one accepts that Washington, D.C., has a culture of over-classification or even if one denies the legitimacy of the military-industrial and national security complexes that require so much material to be classified, one would still have to be appalled by her sheer negligence.

Julian Hattem, “Clinton abandoned secure line to use home phone, new email shows,” Hill, May 12, 2016,


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