More #BlameBernie or, maybe, #BlameBernieBros: Daily Bullshit, May 25, 2016

Horse Race

It’s worth remembering that the National Review, whom Jonah Goldberg writes for, very visibly committed itself to defeating Donald Trump.[1] To me, they still seem to be going through stages of grief. That said, Goldberg raises an interesting point when he writes,

As it stands now, it seems almost inconceivable that Sanders could become the Democratic nominee — unless the FBI indicts Hillary Clinton before the convention, or she reveals herself to be some sort of animatronic device sent from the future to bore us to death (which would make her ineligible under the “natural born” clause of the Constitution). The former seems about as plausible as the latter, given that Trump’s nomination makes it even less likely the Feds will risk interfering with the election.[2]

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Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton’s arrogance in seeking the nomination and the Democratic Party’s credulity in crowning her as its nominee with these sorts of clouds hanging over her head are simply breathtaking.

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