David French is not running for president but thinks the door is still open for someone else: Daily Bullshit, June 6, 2016 (updated again)

Updated for a report that Hillary Clinton has clinched the Democratic nomination. This count includes ‘superdelegates.’[1] Updated again for a later but otherwise similar story which includes Bernie Sanders’ reaction,[2] referring to an apparently overrated effort to flip those superdelegates[3]

Horse Race

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Hillary Clinton

Darrin Bell, Candorville, June 6, 2016, GoComics, fair use.

Many of the attacks on Hillary Clinton are indeed misogynist. They mostly come from right-wingers. That said, Todd Gitlin believes it is not “certain,” but “very likely,” that Bernie Sanders’ supporters, fed up with the status quo, will vote for her.[4]

I hope not. Whether Trump or Clinton wins the presidency, an unbroken pattern of progressively worse presidents will continue. The path of accepting the “lesser of two evils” is what preserves a bipartisan system that serves the establishment by limiting the range of acceptable political discourse such that there is, in fact, little difference between the parties.[5] The reason that Trump now falls within that range, howls of protest notwithstanding,[6] is that the Democrats have moved ever farther to the right,[7] pushing the Republicans ever farther to the right, while utterly neglecting and deriding Progressives[8] who have no viable alternative and Republicans have exploited authoritarian populist anger and allowed it to fester while favoring a neoliberal agenda.[9]

On news that the Associated Press is claiming that Clinton has clinched the nomination, she reportedly said, “We have six elections tomorrow and we are going to fight hard for every single vote especially right here in California!”[10] I have previously seen but not archived grumbling that the networks would call the nomination for Clinton when the polls close in New Jersey, which was apparently a sure bet for her. This is claimed to discourage Californians from voting, where the polls close three hours later, and survey results reportedly showed a tight race,[11] although I would point out that many Californians will already have submitted absentee ballots. By the same logic now, voters in all six of those primaries will be effectively disenfranchised in the Democratic race, since their votes will not affect the nomination.

That merely adds insult to injury. The Democrats have done everything they can to ensure Clinton’s coronation.[12]

There are two serious problems here: First, staggered primary voting assigns undue importance to early voting states at the expense of late voting states. On the one hand, this staggering enables campaigns to cover territory more strategically and thoroughly. On the other, the country’s most populous state, California, effectively has no say.

Second, the two-party system has left us with two horrendous candidates, both of whom will commit mass war crimes, both of whom will advance the corporate agenda at the expense of ordinary people, and neither of whom will seriously address the existential threat of climate change. It ought not be too much to ask for a candidate who will be responsible on these issues.

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Bernie Sanders

I wouldn’t place much stock in Bernie Sanders’ effort to flip superdelegates anyway, but apparently this effort isn’t even as much as he cracks it up to be.[13]

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