Catching up: Daily Bullshit, December 3-9, 2016 (updated)

Update: I have a new blog post, entitled We have failed the test, up.

So yeah, there’s been stuff. Low-level crap mostly. And I’m still mostly ignoring bullshit about the election outcome including the personality parade about Donald Trump’s appointments—I simply don’t care. But a couple reasonable items hit my radar screen over the last couple days and so today I’m catching up.

I’ve been really rather somber the last few days. It remains perfectly and utterly clear that as a white man, I am now an enemy of the left, simply by virtue of my race and gender. This wasn’t my choice; it was the left’s.[1] And this shouldn’t really be viewed as something new. What has happened is that the election outcome has exposed this absolute disdain. I already knew that neither major party presidential candidate would improve my job prospects; but had Hillary Clinton won rather than Trump, I might have continued in a delusion that the left at least offered me some small hope.

California involuntary sterilizations

Ronnie Cohen, “Historians seek reparations for Californians forcibly sterilized,” Yahoo!, December 6, 2016,

For-profit schools

Danielle Douglas-Gabriel, “Education Department places hefty conditions on University of Phoenix sale,” Washington Post, December 7, 2016,

Horse race

Paulina Firozi, “Green Party drops recount case in Pennsylvania,” Hill, December 3, 2016,

Niall Stanage, “Dem blame game rages over Clinton loss,” Hill, December 4, 2016,


Robert Lee Hotz, “Need a Breakthrough? Offer Prize Money!” Wall Street Journal, December 6, 2016,

Greg Ip, “The Economy’s Hidden Problem: We’re Out of Big Ideas,” Wall Street Journal, December 6, 2016,

Jack Nicas, “Silicon Valley Stumbles in World Beyond Software,” Wall Street Journal, December 6, 2016,

Jonathan D. Rockoff, “Big Pharma, Short on Blockbusters, Outsources the Science,” Wall Street Journal, December 6, 2016,

Eva Dou, “After 1,000 Year Slumber, China Vows to Invent Again,” Wall Street Journal, December 7, 2016,

  1. [1]David Benfell, “Farewell to the left,” Not Housebroken, November 28, 2016,

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