Barack Obama commutes the sentence of a soldier whom the Army never should have tried, let alone tortured: Daily Bullshit, January 14-17, 2017

I’m largely catching up today—the pace of news I consider worthy has been too slow to warrant an issue.

Chelsea Manning

Jordan Fabian, “Obama commutes Chelsea Manning’s sentence,” Hill, January 17, 2017,


Rafael Behr, “May can think big all she likes. Britain’s about to find out just how small it is,” Guardian, January 17, 2017,

Jenny Gross and Nicholas Winning, “Prime Minister Theresa May Says U.K. Won’t Seek Membership of EU Single Market,” Wall Street Journal, January 17, 2017,

James Mattis

Andrew J. Bacevich, “A Pledge for More of the Same at the Pentagon,” Atlantic, January 12, 2017,

Social Inequality

Pan Pylas, “Just 8 Men Have as Much Wealth as Half of the World, Study Says,” Time, January 17, 2017,

Basic Income

Marc Bain errs when he writes that “[Donald] Trump blamed trade policy for the job losses, though the real culprit is technology.”[1] Though it increasingly does appear that technology is and will be the culprit behind many job losses,[2] globalization has by no means been exonerated.[3] It would be more accurate to say that both are driving workers out of the labor force, but the emphasis on automation looks like another example of the mass media peddling its (and Barack Obama’s and the mainstream political class’s) preferred narrative.

Marc Bain, “Martin Luther King Jr. was decades ahead of his time in advocating for a universal basic income,” Quartz, January 16, 2017,

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