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In California, there aren’t many places where graveyards and cemeteries are prominent. The Sierra Nevada foothills, along Highway 49, come to mind. In the San Francisco Bay Area, Colma is notorious for having a vast underground population. There actually is a town there with living residents, but for most people in the Bay Area, it’s that place with all the cemeteries glimpsed from Interstate 280 or just sped on by.

Here in the Pittsburgh area, it’s different. Graveyards and cemeteries are everywhere you look. I was trying to track down an address with my mother over the phone and we were both looking at maps on our computers and wondering why a couple streets didn’t go through that seemed like they should. It turns out there’s a graveyard there, probably associated with one of those grand churches I mentioned in a previous post.

For me, the message is really rather blunt: People died here. We don’t forget them. We don’t hide them from view. Their graves are right in front of us.

It’s really rather poignant. I think I’d have to say that when I lived here as a kid, for just a little over two years, I had relatives who were probably my favorite part of being here; with them, I felt loved and safe in a way I never could with my abusive father at home. They were of my grandparents’ generation and are gone now.

But all these graveyards and cemeteries remind me.


One might recall that Parliament demanded meaningful votes (abbreviated in the cartoon below as “MV”). They’ve had three of them now already—and managed to completely derail Brexit. The latest, if you can stand to look, really is captured in Bob Moran’s cartoon. I don’t think, at this point, there’s anything more to be said about it.BOB_160519_trans_NvBQzQNjv4Bqeo
Bob Moran, Telegraph, May 15, 2019, fair use.


George Monbiot, “Net Curtains,” May 15, 2019,

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