Pittsburgh driving

The latest online service provider to run afoul of my own terms and conditions is the Boston Globe which is now on my absolute shit list. I have no patience left for this arrogant bullshit.

The other thing that’s really been pissing me off lately is the clamor for impeachment grandstanding. I explain this in a new blog post entitled, “Why Nancy Pelosi is right about impeachment.

I think I might finally be just barely beginning to get the hang of Pittsburgh driving. What I’ve found so far is that one can almost never relax about the lane one is in and that there is a high likelihood that the lane with most of the cars in it will be the lane one needs. This obviously remains difficult when Google Maps doesn’t see fit to inform you which lane you need to be in in a number of ambiguous situations (these are many) and when the correspondence between the road signs and how Google labels ramps is, well, weak at best.

I’ve long been baffled by what turns Google sees fit to regard as turns and which ones it doesn’t. There’s seemingly no rhyme or reason to it. In Pittsburgh, this becomes all the more difficult because ambiguities exist where Google doesn’t even recognize that there’s a decision to be made.

This is still really, really hard driving. I find I simply can’t do it as long as I could in California. I am literally getting headaches from the strain.

Donald Trump

We’ve had to wait a while for this but yes, I’m still keeping score: Round four goes to Nancy Pelosi who also won rounds one and two, while round three was a draw.

Mike DeBonis et al., “Trump angrily walks out of meeting with Democrats after Pelosi says he is ‘engaged in a coverup,’” Washington Post, May 22, 2019, https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/trump-takes-aim-at-house-democrats-as-they-prepare-to-discuss-impeachment-calls/2019/05/22/a36ea0d0-7c79-11e9-8bb7-0fc796cf2ec0_story.html

Renae Merle, Michael Kranish, and Felicia Sonmez, “Judge rejects Trump’s request to halt congressional subpoenas for his banking records,” Washington Post, May 22, 2019, https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/judge-rejects-trumps-request-to-halt-congressional-subpoenas-for-his-banking-records/2019/05/22/28f9b93a-7ccd-11e9-8bb7-0fc796cf2ec0_story.html

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