Fire the press. That’s right. Fire ’em all.

A whole lot of journalists need to find something other to cover than a bogus impeachment[1] and the stupider than stupid—that is, unless you actually want a neoliberal to win the neoliberal party nomination,[2] which I’m pretty sure they’ll manage to do even without this idiocy—fight between Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Sanders.

But no, it’s wall to wall impeachment and food fight. What little else there is is stuff where nothing’s happening.

Fire ’em all. Because this is inexcusable.

Equal Rights Amendment

David Berman at the Atlantic has some detail on what happens next with the Equal Right Amendment now that Virginia’s legislature has, it hopes, ratified it. This is a battle that is already in the courts,[3] where what I wrote yesterday still applies.

Russell Berman, “Did Virginia Just Amend the Constitution?” Atlantic, January 15, 2020,

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