Michael Avenatti convicted

Michael Avenatti

Michael Avenatti gained fame representing Stormy Daniels, a porn star whom Donald Trump paid off to keep quiet about a sexual encounter, and exposing other skullduggery along the way.[1]

It was never clear to me how Avenatti got some of his information that was unrelated to Daniels and I always thought his style was too much that of a braggart and much louder than I’m comfortable with. But I was hoping I was wrong—it’s not like I run a successful public relations operation—and I was certainly cheering him on.

Avenatti has now been convicted of attempting to blackmail Nike and still faces charges in two other cases, including one in which he allegedly embezzled Daniels’ money.[2] If I pick up the pieces correctly, the latter case is why he no longer represents Daniels.

I assume Avenatti will be appealing.

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