Saint Patrick’s Day on coronavirus

Saint Patrick’s Day, sort of

So today was not going to be a day to judge whether winter is returning to the Uber and Lyft business because Pittsburgh celebrates Saint Patrick’s Day, always, as one passenger explained it to me, “on the Saturday before.”

Which meant traffic in the Southside district, where mostly a lot of drinking happens, was impenetrable and I spent way too much time there.

But then there’s coronavirus. So I also had a bunch of grocery store runs. I really don’t make any money on these because I spend too much time getting to too-short rides, but I remember the old taxicab adage that if you want them to call you for the long rides, you need to take them for their short ones. And because people are hoarding—nobody really seems to understand why—that means even more time loading and unloading the car. Oh yes, and listening to them bitch and moan about how the shelves are empty.

Yes, I’ve really been reduced to this level.

As previously noted, my planned communication disruption is now expected to occur on Monday.


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