The Great Depression, redux?

I have no reason for pride tonight.

I got the car back from the mechanic. He fixed control rods and a fan that had started making noise the day before I took it in and got it through the annual Pennsylvania-required inspection.

The steering seems tighter and the brakes somewhat firmer. I had probably been driving with broken control rods for months, at some risk to my own and to my passengers’ safety. I had no idea. And Spitzer, which had been so anxious to flag my rear brakes as needing immediate attention when they still had over fifty percent remaining, never noticed.


Fig. 1. We can only wish. Meme included in a semi-private email, April 8, 2020, artist uncredited, fair use.

I had been working on a new blog entry entitled, “I fear for our world,” when I got the call from my mechanic that my car was done. And so I took off, went to work, and didn’t get either the blog entry or this issue out until this evening.

Caitlin Oprysko, “Jerry Falwell Jr. says warrants are out for 2 journalists after critical stories on coronavirus decision,” Politico, April 8, 2020,

Heather Long and Andrew Van Dam, “6.6 million Americans filed for unemployment last week, bringing the pandemic total to over 17 million,” Washington Post, April 9, 2020,

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