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There is a new blog post entitled, “The dangerous and delusional raging narcissist-in-chief.”

Peer review is a sitting duck for criticism. Too often, peer reviewers impose their own predetermined conclusions and their own prejudices on submitted articles. Too often, they reject anything that contradicts their own work, their own legacies. Too often, they lack a transdisciplinary background that would catch errors that arise when researchers inevitably transgress often ambiguous and arbitrary disciplinary boundaries.

But there are also very good reasons for peer review. Among them, statistical stupidities like generalizing from unrepresentative samples (are you fucking kidding me?) and failures to properly adjust for false negatives and false positives—I’ve been harping on false negatives and false positives[1] and here they are again. Another is to catch author’s biases. All of these failures appear to be present in recent work, which had been publicized prior to peer review, suggesting that COVID-19 infections may have been more common than previously thought. And of course, these conclusions—science!—themselves fed a right-wing narrative that the lockdowns are an overreaction.[2]

That last point is crucial. It very much appears that the Trump administration is pursuing a strategy of pushing states to reopen their economies before it is safe while spreading the blame should this lead to a second peak in cases or fatalities.[3] The recent anti-lockdown protests, such as those in Pittsburgh,[4] are a part of this strategy.[5] And if it succeeds, the results could be disastrous.[6] But it very much appears that Donald Trump is anxious to offer up those human sacrifices to the already-impatient capitalist god,[7] all of course, in the name of his reelection.[8]

All because we refuse to take care of people put in dire straits for doing the right thing[9] and indeed, we just can’t wait to start abusing them again.[10] This is really the best system of social organization we can come up with? Really?

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