Pacific Gas and Electric responsible for yet another fire as another bad fire year looms

Pacific Gas and Electric

I was still in California for the Camp Fire that leveled most of Paradise, in the Sierra Foothills, and emitted so much smoke that you could barely see a block down the street even 100-150 miles away, where I was in the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

I had moved away in time for the Kincade Fire, but my mother is still there. And I remember being very concerned by the possibility that like a fire a few years earlier, this fire might jump Highway 101 and start burning woodland that I don’t think has burned in decades and that extends to not really all that very far away at all from my mother’s house.

Evacuations were mandatory in much of Sonoma County and my mother was among those who had to leave. It was pretty much known at the time that Pacific Gas and Electric was responsible and my mother’s fury with the company is intense. She’s not alone[1] and the company is now a twice-convicted felon, for a San Bruno gas explosion[2] and for the Camp Fire.[3] It is also emerging from a bankruptcy largely provoked by its civil liabilities.[4] Now investigators have confirmed that the company was responsible for the Kincade Fire.[5]

And from what I can see from afar, it looks to me like yet another bad fire year in California.

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On the Lincoln Project

It’s probably not worth the click, but there was an update to the last issue. The short version is that I have hot water again (yay!) and I’ve figured out what to do should the dealer once again fail to diagnose the problem with my car.

Horse race

1/8 Okay, so we see here that @HeerJeet really, really, really hates @ProjectLincoln because @danpfeiffer really isn’t all that favorable towards them either. But I like the article too.

2/8 One thing I found interesting is that @danpfeiffer perceives daylight between @ProjectLincoln and #neoconservatism, even if many #NeverTrumpers are #neoconservatives and #NeverTrump was a #neoconservative project.

3/8 @HeerJeet notices, apparently from the article, that @ProjectLincoln spends little on swing states. I notice from the article that their work seems mostly aimed inside the beltway. That’s also where #neoconservatives have the most influence.

4/8 It’s kind of a weird thing to me because #neoconservatism is the #WashingtonConsensus. Its principles, including #neoliberalism as a moral imperative, have been broadly embraced by both @TheDemocrats and the @GOP since the fall of the Berlin Wall.

5/8 But while the relative popularity of various tendencies of conservatism was not a research question in my dissertation, I definitely had the impression that there were few voters outside the beltway who would identify as #neoconservatives or with #neoconservative ideals.

6/8 #Neoconservatives work mostly behind the scenes in Washington, D.C. They occupy many positions within the military-industrial complex and @StateDept bureaucracies. And it thus looks to me like @ProjectLincoln is really more of the same, but more overtly.

7/8 @ProjectLincoln seems like @AmbJohnBolton and @BillKristol. They attract a lot of attention, but as #neoconservatives, they are but the tip of the #neoconservative iceberg, the part you see above the waterline.

8/8 If there is indeed a difference in emphasis between @ProjectLincoln and #neoconservatism, it’s that the former is rescuing the U.S. capitalist-imperialist-oligarchy from @realDonaldTrump and #neoconservatives believe that system must be aggressively defended at any cost.[1]

Dan Pfeiffer, “The Lincoln Project: Friend, Foe, or Fraud?” Crooked, July 16, 2020,


Molly O’Toole, “Despite Supreme Court ruling, Trump administration rejects new DACA applications,” Los Angeles Times, July 16, 2020, a href=”” target=”_blank”>

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