Political compass

Political Compass

It’s always unwise to attempt to quantify qualitative values and I’ve always had qualms about the Political Compass test because many of its questions are double-headed, meaning they ask two questions simultaneously; and because many embed unfortunate assumptions.

That’s been hard for me to deal with, but I eventually figured out that one has to take the test not for the world as it should be but as it is. And this (figure 1) was my result then:
Fig. 1. Political Compass result for author, August 13, 2012.

Now for some reason, all these years later, it’s become a fad on Twitter to display one’s results. So, whatever, I’m sitting at home, waiting for a grocery delivery, and it’d been a while.

It’s often claimed you get more conservative as you get older. Um, no, albeit failing to account for changes in the test over time, at least not in my case (figure 2):
FireShot Capture 248 - The Political Compass - www.politicalcompass.org
Fig. 2. Political Compass result for author, August 9, 2020.

Already as nearly far to the left economically as one can be, it would appear I’ve moved slightly further in a libertarian (not capitalist libertarian) direction.

Oh, and I’ve got all those reactionary wusses whipped.

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