Guillotines are seeming rather attractive right now


  1. Originally published, August 15, 2020, at 9:03 am.
  2. August 15, 10:59 am:


The text originally here has been reworked into a new blog entry entitled, “Blaming the victims, capitalist-style.”

I generally oppose violence but my god, with mother-fuckers like these capitalists, and a system that actively enables rather than restrains them, what are you supposed to do?

Nick Matoney, “Restaurant revolution: Some owners in Pennsylvania plan to expand capacity despite mandate,” WTAE, August 14, 2020,

Teghan Simonton, “Braddock restaurant owner apologizes for comparing Gov. Wolf, Levine to Nazis,” Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, August 14, 2020,

Donald Trump

Salvador Rizzo, “Trump promotes false claim that Harris might not be a natural-born U.S. citizen,” Washington Post, August 13, 2020,

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