A campaign for the disillusioned and the delusional

Horse race

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it here or not, but when I moved here, and until a short time after Bernie Sanders suspended his campaign for the neoliberal party nomination, there was a house on Baptist Road in Bethel Park that had been festooned with a truly excessive display of support for Sanders. Lots of yard signs, posters, an effigy—it was really completely and totally over the top.

So Sanders effectively concedes and eventually all that comes down and the house now looks pretty much like any other on that street. You can still identify it: Bernie Sanders bumper stickers remain affixed to the mailbox.

But there is no support for Joe Biden here. Rather, a yard sign for a giant meteor strike in 2020 now appears.

I’m seeing a lot of disillusionment with the U.S. political system now on my Twitter feed where there was little or none before. People really imagined progressivism had a chance.

Some are still fighting. Some even still demand that Biden relinquish the nomination in favor of Sanders. A lot of folks will be voting for the Green Party. But there’s also a lot of talk of a general strike and even of revolution that appears in my feed now.

Frankly, I don’t give a damn whether Donald Trump is re-elected or Biden ousts him. Neither of them are acceptable.

And as I said in 2016, if you want me to change my mind, you’d better have a real job for me right fucking now, not the promise of a job, certainly not the mere hope of a job, but an actual job now.

Because if you think I’m voting for four more years of abject humiliation, of poverty, and of being treated like shit on the job market, even with a Ph.D., just so I can have more war, more social inequality, and more environmental catastrophe, you’re simply delusional: There is absolutely nothing for me to vote for here.


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