Maybe Joe Biden will win Allegheny County after all

Expendable workers

There is a new blog post entitled, “Normalized ‘property rights’.”

Horse race

I should note a reversal from my earlier observations. As I’m driving around mostly Allegheny County, I’m seeing a lot more campaign yard signs for Joe Biden, I think mostly since Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death. It makes me think that maybe Biden can carry the county after all. I very much doubt this is the case in surrounding counties.

But the most exuberant displays generally remain those of Donald Trump’s supporters.

Meanwhile, I believe I have mentioned a house on Baptist Road in Bethel Park that had, since my arrival in Pittsburgh last year, been festooned with a truly excessive display of support for Bernie Sanders. There were yard signs galore, especially toward the end of his campaign, and even an effigy. When Sanders suspended his campaign, the display disappeared, except for bumper stickers on the mailbox.

Eventually a yard sign advocating a giant meteor strike appeared and now the bumper stickers on the mailbox have been covered over with the same message. Still no sign for Biden, nor even one for “any functioning adult.”

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