Bigotry is bigotry

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Megan Guza, “Allegheny County lifts covid restrictions in favor of state mitigation orders,” Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, September 24, 2020,

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1/2 When I was a kid, ethnic jokes were seen as being in poor taste. But they were popular, even as they reproduced unjust stereotypes and normalized white Anglo Saxon Protestants (WASPs) at the direct expense of those other ethnicities.

2/2 ‘cishet’ jokes rely on precisely the same syllogism and are in every bit [as] poor taste.

If the only way you can raise yourself up is knocking other people down based on what you assert to be a biological phenomenon, then hell yes, I’m blocking your bigoted ass.

‘Cishet’ is a term referring to non-transgender heterosexuals.

While in general, social science has a strong bias in favor of treating behaviors as based on ‘nurture,’ rather than on ‘nature,’ it’s becoming increasingly clear that there is some poorly-understood but nonetheless biological basis for diverse sexual orientations and identifications. People really do seem to be “wired that way.”

But if LGBTQ+ identities and sexualities are indeed biological, then so too must be ‘cishet’ identities and sexualities. Bigotry is bigotry, regardless of the direction in which it is expressed.

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