The ongoing battle against (self-)hate speech


Sarah Binder, “Mitch McConnell is wrong. Here’s the filibuster’s ‘racial history,’” Washington Post, March 24, 2021,

(c)Rap and Hip Hop

Since the last version of the sign I posted for my Uber and Lyft passengers, I’ve now heard the n-word twice and the words ‘bitch’ and ‘ho’ not at all. The tone in the car is markedly improved.

Fig. 1. Latest version of sign produced by author, March 25, 2021.

But I think they don’t like it. My Uber driver ratings continue to decline (down to 4.88, as of this morning, supposedly based on the last 500 passengers), even though I haven’t been playing my music with passengers in the car. That may also be due to the prohibition on eating. So I’ve added the shaming final bullet point, because all the comments I’ve heard from passengers have been positive, some remarking that all this is “common sense,” many expressing dismay that any of this is even a problem.

For some reason, however, Uber still has me marked as having high ratings. I thought the line for that was 4.90. So I guess I have no idea how they’re assessing that.

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