Experts are shocked, I tell you, shocked that bullshit didn’t win Pittsburgh’s mayoral election

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Jacob Bogage, “Senators reach bipartisan deal to overhaul USPS finances, tighten accountability requirements,” Washington Post, May 19, 2021,


I don’t know:

“Mayors can get out of touch. They don’t understand the change that’s taking place in their city,” [G. Terry] Madonna said. “Obviously, [Ed] Gainey’s conversation about unifying and moving the city forward struck a chord.”[1]

There are a lot of surprised experts in this story,[2] but for me Bill Peduto just couldn’t stop spewing blatant bullshit, as if he actually expected people would think it could or should be taken seriously. I called him on it several times and he just didn’t respond.

And I don’t know who Peduto was listening to about the cops. But he turned on protesters[3] and ignored the sentiment in support of Black Lives Matter that’s plain to see in almost every Pittsburgh neighborhood. It’s like he saw only the “thin blue line,” “we support our police,” and “Punisher” stickers and posters that are actually more common in Pittsburgh suburbs.

To say Peduto lost touch, for me, really misses the point. He was solicitous of police supporters and dismissed the voices that expressed fear of the police. Which is to say that he was effectively counting on white supremacy[4] to win the race.

That might—and probably would—work almost anywhere in much of Pennsylvania outside the city of Pittsburgh. But in choosing this approach, he exposed himself as, at best, choosing political expediency over Black lives, or as at worst, himself a white supremacist.

Tom Davidson and Megan Guza, “How did Peduto lose Pittsburgh mayoral primary? Experts offer insight,” Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, May 19, 2021,

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