The technically delayed issue

This issue has been substantially delayed largely due to technical issues which have hopefully now been resolved. Hopefully.

Basically what happened is that both the Safari and Chrome browsers on my Mac were failing to implement the cascading style sheets (CSS) on the back end pages for WordPress, both for The Irregular Bullshit and Not Housebroken. These browsers both also failed to display Twitter feeds. Everything else seemed to be working, but these are the sites I spend most of my online time on.

Because the problem appeared with multiple browsers and because I hadn’t immediately done something to provoke the problem, I thought the problem was with the hosts (both for my sites and for Twitter). But I didn’t see any news about a Twitter outage and eventually I popped open my Pixelbook (a Chrome OS notebook) where I discovered the back ends were working just fine.

There were other issues with the Mac as well that led to a decision to seek a factory reset; only I completely botched it, erasing the wrong partition (where “data” is something different than what I usually associate as data), which necessitated a trip to the Apple Store, where they’ve kindly taken care of it all for free.

As soon as I hit publish on this issue, I’ll be heading out the door to retrieve the Mac. I’ll have a lot of work to do setting it back up and hopefully not recreating the problem.

Sigh. I’m really desperately wanting to put technical issues behind me. I burned out on this shit beginning in 1985 (but didn’t recognize this for decades) and it’s only gotten worse since.


There is a new blog post entitled, “On ‘anti-Semitism.’


Jason Wilson, “Revealed: neo-Confederate group includes military officers and politicians,” Guardian, June 28, 2021,


  • Minimum wage: crashed and burned.
  • Voting rights: almost certainly crashed and burned.
  • Infrastructure: severely curtailed package most likely; still could crash and burn.
  • Green New Deal: not even up for discussion.
  • Medicare For All: reduction in eligibility age possible.

Just sayin’.

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