Supreme hypocrisy, again

Voting rights

Nicholas Stephanopoulos, “The Supreme Court showcased its ‘textualist’ double standard on voting rights,” Washington Post, July 1, 2021,


Leyland Cecco, “Burned churches stir deep Indigenous ambivalence over faith of forefathers,” Guardian, July 4, 2021,

Forgive my dissonance as I reel at all the banners, monuments, and gratuitous guns dedicated to military veterans, and then this, as I have a neighbor who sets off fireworks every single fucking night for hours at a time. He does it after sunset, which is quite late around here (Pittsburgh) this time of year.


Max Hauptman, “What to know about Rise of the Moors, an armed group that says it’s not subject to U.S. law,” Washington Post, July 4, 2021,

Donald Trump

Daniel Hemel, “The Trump Organization Is in Big Trouble,” Atlantic, July 2, 2021,

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