Afghanistan looks like a rout


Republicans are embarrassing neoconservative Max Boot:[1]

The states that have the lowest vaccination rates — Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Wyoming — are all Republican redoubts. It’s no coincidence that many red states are also seeing the worst outbreaks of the disease in recent weeks: The average number of daily cases in the past 14 days has surged 145 percent in South Carolina, 137 percent in Nebraska and 121 percent in Arkansas. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention calculates that 99.5 percent of U.S. covid-19 deaths in the past six months were among unvaccinated people.[2]

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Higher Education

It is clear that the attacks on teaching U.S. history (so-called but not really critical race theory)[3] are part of a larger attack on so-called but also mythical ‘leftist indoctrination’ at colleges and universities[4] that supports discrimination against scholars who speak out.[5]

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Joe Biden

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