Joe Biden somersaults to keep Mark Zuckerberg’s money flowing


My god. Watch Joe Biden do somersaults over his claim that Facebook is killing people[1] after, really, having gotten it right. The simple fact is that Facebook, not alone but nonetheless, has been enabling all sorts of right-wing misinformation.[2] And yes, some of that misinformation, about vaccines and masking, is indeed at least putting people in the hospital (with deaths surely to follow).[3] So-called “free speech” isn’t “free” when people die from it and, yes, Facebook, but again, not only Facebook, is culpable in those deaths, even if not legally so.

What we are surely seeing is a craven capitulation for campaign money.[4] But if Joe Biden really wants a Democratic Congress and if he really wants to be re-elected himself, then he really should do something about voting rights[5] instead of just yammering about it.[6]

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Billionaire space race

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