No pity for vaccine-refusers


My patience is completely blown. I don’t care what vaccine-refusers think. I don’t want to hear their excuses, their rationalizations, or any of their bullshit. I will celebrate their deaths from COVID-19. Because the cost of their vaccine-refusal to the rest of us is completely out of line.

I will regret the medical resources devoted to vaccine-refusers’ care and that medical workers will put their lives on the line to provide that care. I will mourn the innocents vaccine-refusers spread the disease to and any innocents who suffer from a variant that exists because vaccine-refusers refused the vaccine. I will mourn the folks whose medical care is delayed or denied or who need to travel further to find care because vaccine-refusers are taking up hospital beds.

So H. Scott Apley died after refusing the vaccine and spreading misinformation?[1] This is cause for celebration. May more similarly inclined assholes die miserable deaths and the sooner the better.

And yes, I think Jason Valentine, who is reportedly refusing patients who lack the vaccine[2] has the right idea. You should have your vaccine card to gain admittance to any medical facility (and, really, anyplace else) unless you’re there to get your vaccine.

Otherwise, tough fucking luck, fuck your feelings, make a vaccine-refuser cry.

Because vaccine-refusers are making their own deathbeds; they should lie in them.

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