Be careful what you wish for: White supremacist gang edition

White supremacist gangs

Climate crisis

George Monbiot pushes back against climate fatalism by pointing to the U.S. mobilization for World War II: Taxes and rationing were imposed; car production and housing construction were banned so resources could be diverted to the war effort. We did it then, he argues; we can do it now, against the climate crisis.[1]

This analogy is obviously strained because we cannot manufacture our way out of our wider environmental crisis the way we manufacture arms. The crisis requires instead that capitalism—indeed our entire system of social organization—be replaced. And indeed that might happen. The question is whether it will happen in the time we have before the planet becomes uninhabitable.[2]

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Roman Catholic Church

Matt Viser, “Biden’s meeting with the pope carries resonance as disputes divide U.S. Catholics,” Washington Post, October 24, 2021,

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