Don’t look. No, I mean it. Really. Don’t look.

The one fault I would find with Bandy Lee’s formulation is that there is no theory of truth that withstands scrutiny. The questions of “best available knowledge” and “agreed-upon standards” are fraught, now even politically polarized, and, in the end, they leave us very nearly where we started.

There is value to Lee’s formulation nonetheless.

I had to get a new trimmer for my beard. Oops, wrong attachment.

The beard will grow back but I can never un-see those jowls that I think I inherit from my maternal grandfather. He wore them a lot better than I do.

Somewhere along the way, I lost track of when Veterans Day is. I gather from my Twitter feed it is today.



Andrea Salcedo, “San Francisco police officer dies of covid while on leave for failing to meet vaccination requirement,” Washington Post, November 11, 2021,

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