What if the only way to avoid a renewal of the Civil War is for Republicans to win?

I’ve become increasingly wary of political discussions with passengers in the Pittsburgh area. Too many are absolute Trumpist wackos, too many are in COVID-19 denial, too many are anti-vaxxers, too many say of the 2020 general election, “A lot of shady stuff happened there.”

But I had a passenger yesterday who, after some back and forth, I found was in agreement that we are very likely headed for violence in this country.[1] Indeed, if one trusts a number of recent polls, it appears a lot of people think that such violence may be justified and that a lot of, though fewer, people think that the January 6 coup attempt was justified,[2] which seems to suggest strongly that if those people ever fail to get their way in an election again, they may very well indeed attempt a repeat of that coup attempt.

Indeed, the only way I see of avoiding that outcome is if, indeed, the Republicans succeed in their sustained and wide-ranging effort to ensure minoritarian rule,[3] an effort that Democrats have seemingly and consciously acquiesced to,[4] thus rendering such an attempt unnecessary.

My passenger, however, takes his thinking a step beyond mine and boldly thinks that there will be some tragedy that brings Amerikkkans together. When I pointed to the COVID-19 death toll, surely such a tragedy at over 800,000,[5] it became clear he felt simply that the tipping point had not yet been reached.

He might be right. There certainly is a systems logic there, though I think it more likely his thinking, although clearly educated, draws on faith. The obvious question is if not any of the milestones in the death toll we have already breached, what number will be high enough? He can’t say and it’s really unfair to ask.

But whatever Trumpists say about abortion, it’s hard to argue that their willingness to resort to violence, which is indisputably in evidence,[6] signals any reverence for human life whatsoever. Which raises the next question: What possible tragedy could, as my passenger suggested, bring “us” together?

Meteor explosion

So here I am, oblivious. It looks like there was a meteor explosion practically right over my head[7] and I didn’t notice.

I replied that I hadn’t noticed anything in Upper Saint Clair. Other folks replied that they’d heard and felt it near South Hills Village[8] and off South Park Road.[9] Neither of those places are all that far from me, certainly not when “residents respond[ed] from Stowe Township, Hampton, Carrick, Avalon, Fox Chapel and Aspinwall, as well as the South Hills” to an event that likely occurred over Washington County,[10] which is the other direction, from where I am, from South Hills Village.

I have no excuse, no explanation.

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