Ed Gainey and Rich Fitzgerald invite domestic terrorists, gun nuts, and anti-vaxxers to Pittsburgh, say local capitalists need the boost

Republican National Convention

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I cannot be in Pittsburgh for this. Can not.

I think perhaps Ed Gainey, Rich Fitzgerald, Visit Pittsburgh, and the like imagine a convention whose participants are cigar-smoking old men, doing political deals in darkened rooms. They fail to imagine who the delegates will actually be, who have taken over the Republican Party.

Fig. 1. Cartoon by Michael de Adder in the Washington Post, January 5, 2022, fair use.[1]

It would be wise to view Marjorie Taylor Greene not as an exception, but rather as among the milder attendees. Gainey, Fitzgerald, and the like invite domestic terrorists, anti-vaxxers, and gun nuts to Pittsburgh. There are enough of them already here. I absolutely do not dare to be anywhere near when even more of them arrive.

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It began raining in the wee hours this morning. The temperature has risen above freezing and much of the snow has washed away or been melted from the lawns immediately around my apartment.

The Weather Underground app on my phone says the temperature will dip to freezing at about 8:00 pm and I expect the roads to still be wet; I usually quit around 7:30 pm. I’ll probably quit a bit early tonight.

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