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Coup attempt

I didn’t believe this when I first saw it on Twitter, which is why I found the WFLA story. It’s true[1] and Philip Bump explains that “if we expand this universe [of people who have committed Unidentified Federal Crime and are going to prison] to all American adults, we’re still more than 40 million short of [Mike] Lindell’s target for incarceration.”[2] Remember that the police white supremacist gangsters would have to arrest themselves.

Basically, the number of people that [Mike] Lindell has identified as culpable here is every American aged 7 and up, a group that totals 302 million. If we assume that everyone who was 6 or younger did not commit The Crime That Is So Bad, then we get to Lindell’s number. Sorry for those 9-year-olds about to spend the next 65 years at Leavenworth.[3]

Leavenworth should be interesting. The guards will all be prisoners too.

The WFLA story assumes but does not quote Mike Lindell saying that these 300 million people are all Amerikkkans,[4] and Bump does consider the possibility that “1 in 26 people globally,” not necessarily Amerikkkans, would be imprisoned.[5]

Just remember that starting with the next Congress, these people will almost certainly be our rulers.

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Right-wing dictatorship

Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema are aiding and abetting the establishment of a right-wing dictatorship in the United States. But I cannot believe that there isn’t some pressure that can be brought to bear on them to force their capitulation.

Nobody, especially nobody who is filthy rich, is truly squeaky clean. They can be embarrassed. They can be humiliated. They can lose privileges. They can be made to pay. They can even go to prison.

If you really want something done, and you have an obstacle such as Manchin and Sinema, this is what you do. That Democratic Party leadership, including Joe Biden, isn’t doing it convinces me that they are not serious.

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COVID-19 Pandemic


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Pittsburgh snow

Pittsburgh’s snow plowing operation couldn’t even handle the last, relatively minor—a mere two inches of snow—storm.[6] A bigger one may be headed our way Sunday night[7] and we can doubtless count on more excuses from Pittsburgh Public Works.


You see the word ‘yinz’ all over the place in Pittsburgh. Marketers use it promiscuously to add what they think is a local flavor to their advertising.

The funny thing is I almost never actually hear the word spoken. I actually thought I had never heard it.

Then a passenger uttered it on a phone call. And I noticed that whatever part of my brain processes speech parsed it as a contraction for “you ones.” Which reminded me that I had heard it before, but not very often, probably only once, and I’m thinking during those roughly two years I lived in Pittsburgh as a child. It caught my attention then too because it isn’t a ‘natural’ English grammatical phrase.

But I think when I heard it the first time, I didn’t even know that ‘yinz’ was a word. So substituting in ‘you ones,’ I thought it an odd construction.

I was thinking about this some more, because the advertising just constantly reminds me. And I remembered that the German word for ‘us’ is ‘uns.’

Many of the people who settled Pennsylvania were German. My grandfather was largely German (and my grandmother would complain about “the Germans”); many street names around here are recognizably of German derivation, often with an ‘e’ immediately following another vowel, signifying an umlaut. “Pennsylvania Dutch” is actually a mangling of “Pennsylvania Deutsch,” meaning “Pennsylvania German.”

I’m not a linguist, but the way I’m putting this together is that that “you ones” is more like “you uns,” a pidgin mangling that excludes the speaker from ‘us.’

‘Yinz’ means ‘y’all,’ or expanded, “you all.” I think I finally understand the word. But like I say, I’m not a linguist. If you are, let me know.

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