Staying home Thursday after all

In the previous issue, I neglected to mention a new blog post entitled, “The uproar over Whoopi Goldberg’s remarks on race misses crucial nuance.”


Snow plowing

I just checked Twitter and saw that winter weather restrictions are already up on local freeways. Not going out.


Julia Felton, “As Pittsburgh considers studying mergers, neighboring communities say they’re not interested,” Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, February 2, 2022,


Ryan Deto, “12 infrastructure fails in the Pittsburgh region, including Fern Hollow Bridge,” Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, February 3, 2022,

Secession movements, COVID-19 Pandemic, U.S. Civil War

California, Doctors and charlatans

Shasta County includes Redding, which is not that small a city, but assuming a normal California arrangement, it would be the unincorporated areas in the county that would fall under county control.

Dani Anguiano, “California county on track to be run by militia-aligned group,” Guardian, February 3, 2022,

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