BA.2 might be a new variant, might be more dangerous, might be more contagious. Might.

COVID-19 Pandemic

Doctors and charlatans

I’m quoting the first three paragraphs from a CNN story, but this really doesn’t do it justice. Read the whole thing. Do not do what newspaper people expect you to do and only read the first few paragraphs. Read the whole fucking thing.

The BA.2 virus – a subvariant of the Omicron coronavirus variant – isn’t just spreading faster than its distant cousin, it may also cause more severe disease and appears capable of thwarting some of the key weapons we have against Covid-19, new research suggests.

New lab experiments from Japan show that BA.2 may have features that make it as capable of causing serious illness as older variants of Covid-19, including Delta.

And like Omicron, it appears to largely escape the immunity created by vaccines. A booster shot restores protection, making illness after infection about 74% less likely.[1]

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I share Anne Applebaum’s sense that we are betraying Ukraine, leaving it to face Russia alone.[2] The question of what to do about it, how, really, to stop Vladimir Putin, however, is much harder. I honestly doubt that any country has the stomach for war with Russia and even if it did, everything I’ve seen of war is that it fails. The U.S. doesn’t even know how to win a war; it hasn’t won one since World War I (World War II was won mostly by the Soviet Union), unless you count Grenada and Panama, which are nowhere near the scale that this would be. So we’d be shedding blood not to save Ukraine, but only to increase the bloodshed.

And even if our presence somehow deterred or stopped an invasion, how long would we have to stay there? How long would Russia continue to be a threat?

The problem with this thinking is precisely what David Barash and Charles Webel point to in Peace and Conflict Studies. They distinguish between a peace achieved through force and a peace achieved by resolving the causes of the conflict.[3] My question is whether, with Vladimir Putin and like-minded idiots in power in Russia, it is even possible to address those causes.

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