It isn’t an invasion, yet

Donald Trump

Coup attempt

Jennifer Rubin, “Trump’s legal problems are about to get a whole lot worse,” Washington Post, February 21, 2022,


Justin Sherin, as Richard Nixon, tweets of Vladimir Putin’s speech:

Anne Applebaum, “There Are No Chamberlains in This Story,” Atlantic, February 20, 2022,

John Hudson and Missy Ryan, “U.S. claims Russia has list of Ukrainians ‘to be killed or sent to camps’ following a military occupation,” Washington Post, February 20, 2022,

Ann M. Simmons, Yaroslav Trofimov, and Matthew Luxmoore, “Putin Orders Deployment of Troops to Breakaway Regions in Ukraine,” Wall Street Journal, February 21, 2022,

  1. [1]Richard Nixon [Justin Sherin], “The content was canny enough. He wrote it himself. . . ,” Twitter, February 22, 2022,

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