Looky, looky here at this shit show


I was suspicious that Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine might not be the cakewalk on Kyiv that so many seemed to expect because I felt the ratio of forces was wrong.[1] As I rapidly realized when I went to check on that theory, my understanding was oversimplistic,[2] but it seems—take this with a salt shaker full of salt—that things might not be going to plan for Putin.[3]

Be suspicious. Be very suspicious. If David Halberstam’s account of Vietnam War reporting[4] isn’t enough, then consider the Pentagon’s insistence up to near the end that the U.S. could win in Afghanistan.[5] It gets worse when reporters embed with troops, as in the Iraq War. An awful lot of hubris makes its way into war reporting. And, to be fair, Luke Harding is, himself, cautious:

It is too early to describe the Kremlin’s operation to seize and subjugate Ukraine as a failure. The war has only just started. [Vladimir] Putin may yet prevail. The Russian military enjoys overwhelming superiority over Ukraine’s armed forces. It has numerous combat aircraft, a vast navy and 150,000 deployed troops.

And yet by Saturday, it was clear Putin’s blitzkrieg operation to remove Ukraine’s pro-western government had run into unexpected difficulties. Evidently, there were logistical issues. Re-supplying troops in a vast enemy country was proving a challenge.[6]

Harding reports Ukrainian civilian accounts of Russian equipment running out of fuel, Russian soldiers who don’t know where they’re going or why, Ukrainian resistance that Russians had apparently not prepared for. Like he says, the operation might still succeed. And the Russians seem to have had more success in the south of Ukraine.[7] But very much for the moment, it looks like a first class shit show and if Putin means for the world to fear Russia, well, this is a fucking embarrassment, a failure of command and control, a failure of logistics, and a failure by sheer hubris.

And I’m sure a lot of folks are going to want to know how the fuck that happened.

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