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Something to snicker about:

Early Saturday morning, on the Facebook page Freedom Convoy USA 2022, the group announced that it didn’t have enough members in its convoy to warrant pressing on toward the nation’s capital.

“The launch in California had a good turn out of supporters, but only 5 trucks were with us on arrival in Vegas,” the group said in its social media post.

Last week, hundreds turned out for the convoy’s kickoff event in Adelanto, California, organized to emulate a convoy of truckers that were protesting against COVID-19 regulations in Canada last month. However, many of the people who came to the event were only spectators — and most of the truckers and vehicle drivers who started out with the convoy said that they were planning to drop out after they crossed into Arizona.

Other convoys across the U.S. have had similarly unsuccessful outcomes. Last week, a Scranton, Pennsylvania-led convoy barely scrounged up a half-dozen participants and got lost on its way to D.C. A co-organizer of that event eventually admitted to reporters that the demonstration had failed.

“You are not going to see a convoy,” that person said, adding that the turnout was “disappointing.”[2]

Just so we’re clear, that route from Scranton, Pennsylvania, to Washington, D.C., is really tough navigation (figure 1).

Fig. 1. Screenshot of Google Maps route from Scranton, Pennsylvania, to Washington, D.C., taken by author, February 28, 2022, fair use.

There are all of—damn, this must be tough—three, count ’em, three steps in the directions. And, oh yeah, these are supposed to be professional truck drivers who do this for a living. Oh yeah, and you’re telling me these assholes couldn’t make it from Barstow, California, to Las Vegas, Nevada? Getting to Barstow is, actually, by far, the hard part: Even from Los Angeles, you have to find your way to I-15. (It’s a little easier from Bakersfield: California State Route 58 takes you to a junction with I-15 just south of Barstow, and yes, I’ve done this a couple times. Of course, there is the matter of finding eastbound, not westbound, but eastbound 58. It’s all properly marked, but you do have to be able to read the signs, and to comprehend the difference between east and west.)

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