Poland would like Königsberg back, thank you very much

Fossil fuels


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Police White supremacist gangs

There is a new blog post entitled, “How, in fact, do we get to ‘justice for all?’

Benje Williams, “Follow the damn law.’ A Black cyclist’s scary encounter with a white Placer County cop,” Sacramento Bee, March 27, 2022, https://www.sacbee.com/opinion/op-ed/article259162763.html

COVID-19 Pandemic

Doctors and charlatans

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Fig. 1. Historic Russian empire, from the New York Times, possibly March 6, 2014, fair use.[1]

In the ongoing question of just how much territory Vladimir Putin seeks to restore his Russian empire,[2] Maria Butina, now a Russian minister of Parliament, previously prominent for her enthusiastic participation in the U.S. gun nuttery movement before the U.S. accused her of espionage,[3] is now talking about Kaliningrad, a Russian enclave located on the Baltic Sea between Poland and Lithuania. Formerly known as Königsberg, it has historically been part of Prussia, Poland, and Germany and apparently “a Polish general said that Russian forces were only ‘occupying’ the Baltic Sea port.”[4] Both Poland and Lithuania are members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization[5] and Belarus, a Russian ally, adjoins them to the east.

Ironically, Kaliningrad is not shown as part of the historic Russian empire in the New York Times map (figure 1), although such imperial claims would include both Lithuania and parts of Poland.[6] The Soviet Union occupied it near the end of World War II.[7]

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