Still not seeing a decent argument on Wilkinsburg annexation



The argumentation I’m seeing for Pittsburgh to annex Wilkinsburg remains incredibly sloppy.

There still doesn’t seem to be an argument for the annexation beyond neoliberal platitudes.[1] History informs us not to underestimate the impulse toward Pittsburgh municipal empire building[2]—indeed, to drive around Pittsburgh is to see one sign after another indicating dates when former municipalities were annexed—but from the sound of this first serious hearing on the idea, this one just doesn’t sound like it’s going to happen: One question was why Pittsburgh, which already has (many) blighted neighborhoods, would want another one.[3]

One answer to that is population. Pittsburgh’s is declining,[4] at least partly due to gentrification and notably among Black people,[5] but I’m not clear on why, in itself, beyond bragging rights, that’s really an issue, and to the extent it is an issue, we should be seeing why, again, very specifically, an annexation might not have a similar impact on Wilkinsburg.

It isn’t, I will generously assume, that these arguments can’t be made. I can see ways that they might be made. But it’s very striking to me that they aren’t being made, that we are just presumptively taking some things—mergers, for example—to be good things and some things—population declines, for example—to be bad things without any kind of rich exploration of community impacts. And aren’t those impacts what really matter?

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