Got that second COVID-19 booster today

There is a new blog post entitled, “We are monsters.”

I finally managed to get my second COVID-19 booster. The glitches that bedeviled my previous attempt to schedule one seemed still present, though I got a bit farther with the Walgreen’s scheduling this time—only I did not receive a confirmation, leaving me somewhat skeptical that I had actually succeeded in scheduling it. As it turned out, I had indeed failed.

Looking at the listed plentiful available time slots, however, I suspected they’d be able to fit me in if they weren’t just being all bureaucratic about it and, sure enough, they did. I have previously received the Pfizer shot, but I was aiming for the Moderna shot this time because I suspect there is some benefit to mixing vaccines.[1] The Moderna shot also appears to be more effective.[2]

Other folks trying to do something similar, please note: Walgreen’s does Pfizer at some locations and Moderna at others. If you want a particular shot, you need to be fussy about location accordingly.

There was ache as she injected the vaccine and if I rub my hand over the site now, roughly eight hours later, it’s still sore. Otherwise I’m fine. But I very much expect that you should expect your mileage to vary.

It’s not just that I’m (well) over fifty and therefore eligible.[3] It’s that as an Uber driver, I don’t know the vaccination status of anyone getting in my car and they often decline to wear masks. Uber continues to require masks, but this is a policy I don’t dare enforce because passengers retain the ability to retaliate against me.[4]

In other news:

This is an absolute catastrophe for me as an Uber driver especially as I’m currently trying to raise money to pay my taxes. I need a properly functioning cellphone just like I need a properly functioning car. This tweet generated a response that seemed relatively intelligent, however, so we’ll see how it plays. It’s possible I may be doing something like driving to Chicago to get a replacement because I just can’t wait for FedEx Stupid to get it to me.

Police White supremacist gangs

Rick Earle, “Officers fired over tasing death of Jim Rogers officially appeal decision,” WPXI, April 7, 2022,

Dani Anguiano, “Water, weed and racism: why Asians feel targeted in this rural California county,” Guardian, April 8, 2022,

Dale Russakoff and Deborah Sontag, “Pa. agrees to pay $865k to Latino victims of state police traffic stops and arrests after Inquirer/ProPublica investigation,” Philadelphia Inquirer, April 8, 2022,

John Fetterman

So Donald Trump endorsed[5] the carpetbagger from New Jersey[6] who’s running for the U.S. Senate race.[7] From what I can see of the yard sign race, John Fetterman retains a huge lead, especially around Erie. I did see my first Dr. Oz yard sign today.

But really, about now, I’d have to say around Pittsburgh the big action is in the Pennsylvania governor’s race where about the only yard signs I see are for the very, very Trumpist Doug Mastriano.[8] I don’t even know who’s running on the Democratic Party side.

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