Important update to contact information

The short version is that you should make sure you update my contact information in your contacts data.

The outcome of yesterday’s attempt to obtain customer service was that the Google Store support folks sent me, once again, to the Google Fi support folks, really an encore of the performance that had wasted an hour of my time already. My disgust was overwhelming.

I realize the phone has been getting rave reviews. But upon my return to my previous phone, a Samsung S21 Ultra 5G, I was struck by how stable it seemed. There was one point where I think the Internet connection failed, but this was almost certainly due to AT&T’s service for the car’s hotspot. Also, I think the GPS works better.

Supposedly I have unlimited data with AT&T, which is the vendor that supplies Internet connections to so-equipped Toyotas, but in practice, they rate limit me hard. This has been a point of frustration: My Pixel 6 Pro was flaky with Internet connections but so too is the Internet connection I have in the car. While I’m driving for Uber, the last thing I want to be doing in traffic is debugging Internet connections.

Because the S21 Ultra 5G doesn’t take an eSIM for Google Fi, and because I was unhappy with Google Fi anyway, and because when I was having a problem with cellular data connections, it didn’t seem to be that Verizon was failing, and because I don’t in any way want to be subsidizing this appalling customer service, I decided I don’t need that backup connection as badly as I did in California and decided to terminate it.

So there is revision to my contact information. The Google Fi number, which was originally my AT&T number before AT&T’s customer service pissed me off, is now gone. There are two things that are unlikely ever to be in my life again: Pixel phones and Google Fi.

Actually I think it might have been high school. But it was for sure by high school.

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