Reading the toilet paper in Donald Trump’s toilet

John Fetterman

There is a new blog post entitled, “This is one race that’s surely getting too much attention.”

Tina Nguyen, “The Trump-Oz-‘Dave’ Love Triangle Takes a Dark Turn,” Puck News, April 12, 2022,


Anna Cooban, “Russia has defaulted on its foreign debt, says S&P,” CNN, April 11, 2022,

Julia Ioffe, “Life and Death and in Between in Kyiv,” Puck News, April 11, 2022,

Bruno Waterfield and Charlie Parker, “Finland and Sweden set to join Nato as soon as summer,” Times, April 11, 2022,

Shawna Chen, “West investigates reports of Russian chemical weapons in Mariupol,” Axios, April 12, 2022,

Yuras Karmanau and Adam Schreck, “Putin vows to press invasion until Russia’s goals are met,” Associated Press, April 12, 2022,

Jon Sindreu, “If Crypto Can’t Be Used to Evade Russian Sanctions, What Is the Point?” Wall Street Journal, April 12, 2022,

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