Violence and the folks who love it, even when they deny loving it.


Unauthorized violence

There is a new blog post entitled, “Real and imagined hazards, real and imagined causes.”

Megan Guza, “Gainey: Ending violence in Pittsburgh will take citywide approach,” Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, April 21, 2022,

Julian Routh, “Pittsburgh Mayor Ed Gainey, in wake of North Side mass shooting, says ‘we can’t give up’ in efforts to stem gun violence,” Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, April 21, 2022,


I can’t even begin to do justice to Julia Ioffe’s latest.[1] There’s no way. Just read it.

Bojan Pancevski and Georgi Kantchev, “Russia Warns It Could Station Nuclear Forces in Europe if Finland, Sweden Join NATO,” Wall Street Journal, April 14, 2022,

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Jeanne Whalen, “Russian Orthodox leader backs war in Ukraine, divides faith,” Washington Post, April 18, 2022,

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Bloomberg, “Russia Test-Fires Nuclear-Capable ICBM in Warning to U.S. Allies,” April 20, 2022,

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Julia Ioffe, “Mothers for Putin,” Puck News, April 21, 2022,

  1. [1]Julia Ioffe, “Mothers for Putin,” Puck News, April 21, 2022,

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