An obsession with non-procreative sex


[Samuel] Alito actually included in his proposed opinion a helpful list of rights arguably undercut by overturning Roe, even as the conservative George W. Bush appointee forcefully insisted that setting aside Roe wouldn’t impact any right other than abortion. The protections discussed in Alito’s opinion range from the right to same-sex marriage the high court declared in 2015 to the right to contraception established in 1965 to the right to engage in interracial marriage adopted by the court in 1967.

After citing 14 such cases, Alito declares them irrelevant to abortion and confidently asserts that yanking Roe from the fabric of American jurisprudence would pose no threat whatsoever to any of those rights. . . .

“It’s both the reasoning and the very existence of this opinion that leave me completely unpersuaded that this majority would be willing to stop at Roe,” said University of Texas Law Professor Stephen Vladeck.[1]

As I read this, I think of traditionalist conservatism, the largely Roman Catholic tendency; it would even prohibit divorce.[2] It turns out that Samuel Alito is indeed Roman Catholic.[3] The impetus for a decision overturning Roe v. Wade is largely social conservative, that is, largely evangelical Protestant, but the two tendencies are aligned on most issues; indeed I failed to find a difference between them in their approach to unauthorized migration. It is a traditionalist Catholic perspective, however, that is more likely to oppose contraception, indeed any non-procreative sex,[4] and the implicit obsession with sex as procreation which comes to the fore in Josh Gerstein’s report[5] can only be terrifying. Margaret Atwood’s dystopia[6] draws nearer.

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