Does a “‘seismic shift’ in investor sentiment” really mean a ‘seismic shift’ in Softbank sentiment?

Gig economy (neoliberal wet dream)


No investment firm has been as talked about in Silicon Valley as SoftBank — the mere utterance of which can send tremors down the spines of rival firms or the competitors to SoftBank’s portfolio companies. It is behind the (unprofitable) tech companies familiar to so many of us: Uber. Slack. WeWork. DoorDash.[1]

Historically—I don’t know if this remains the case—Softbank has been Uber’s biggest investor.[2] So now I’m wondering if, when Uber Chief Executive Officer Dara Khosrowshahi referred to a “‘seismic shift’ in investor sentiment,”[3] he might actually have been referring to Softbank, which, with high tech industry stocks falling, seems headed for some investor pain.[4]

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Police White supremacist gangs

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Residential schools

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John Fetterman

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