The view from among the detritus alongside the ‘information superhighway’


One reason I have given up hope for humanity is that despite an ongoing improvement, both in quality and availability, in plant-based substitute foods, so few people are vegan. A majority remain unconcerned with the cruelty they inflict, whether directly through fishing or hunting, or indirectly, through consumption; and unconcerned with the environmental impact. A majority choose to believe what they want to believe, that is, false information, about health and nutrition. As a species, we choose to kill ourselves, to go extinct, to take an untold number of species with us, to destroy our planet, rather than to change. If there is a more serious indictment of humanity, I can’t think of it.

Surveys, albeit with abysmal response rates,[1] continue to show that the proportion of vegans in the general population remains stuck at around two to three percent.[2] It doesn’t help that around Pittsburgh, already few in number, vegan restaurants are dropping like flies.[3]

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People very often forget about the naturalistic fallacy. This, simply, is the confusion of what should be for what is.

Colbert King wants people to vote in pro-choice politicians, vote in pro-voting rights politicians.[4] This is what should be. It is not what is.

The point of human rights is not to protect the rights of the majority, though they may sometimes do so. It is to protect the rights of members of stigmatized subaltern groups from zealous majorities. The simple fact is that a majority of reliable voters in a majority of states in the United States are white supremacist, interested in protecting their own rights at the expense of subaltern groups they despise. Were it otherwise, we would not be facing a right-wing dictatorship.

But King will have us keep doing the same thing, expecting a different result. Another reason to abandon hope for humanity is our penchant for clinging to clearly failed ideologies.

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[I]n Arizona, Arkansas, Missouri, and Texas the courts will not grant a divorce to a married couple if the wife is pregnant. The courts prefer to wait until after the baby is born to address paternity. The court can then determine if appropriate child-related orders, such as child support, need to be included.[5]

Your tax dollars support . . .

Last, but surely not least, among our reasons for abandoning hope for humanity is how we treat workers, who keep everything else afloat. We love to discard people, as I have learned to my everlasting detriment as I view all this from among the detritus alongside Bill Clinton’s “information superhighway.”[6]

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