Surprise, surprise! The inspection system failed before the Fern Hollow Bridge did



In January, the Fern Hollow Bridge on Forbes Avenue over a ravine in Pittsburgh’s Frick Park collapsed as a 21-ton articulated Port Authority Transit bus was crossing it. At least ten people were injured.[1] This is a major thoroughfare and therefore, one might assume, one that should not be neglected. Forbes Avenue remains closed between South Dallas Avenue and South Braddock Avenue; over $25 million in federal funding has been allocated for the bridge’s replacement.[2]

Despite ample evidence that the bridge’s steel structural support legs and cross-bracing were quickly deteriorating and failing, the inspectors kept intact the 26-ton weight limit that had been in place since 2014, writing: “Because the condition of the main load carrying members has not changed significantly, the 2014 Load Rating Analysis is still valid.”

Several engineering experts contacted by the Post-Gazette said they were troubled by the conclusions, saying the inspectors, their supervisors, the city and PennDOT should have taken into account the level of serious deterioration and re-examined the load rating.[3]

The bottom line here can’t be terribly surprising: The system of inspection by both the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and the City of Pittsburgh failed before the bridge did[4] and this is the very same system that remains in use to ensure the safety of other bridges in Pittsburgh, and which I assume is similar to systems throughout Pennsylvania, where a great many other bridges, particularly in Allegheny County, are also rated in “poor” condition.[5]

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